Power Amplifiers

Emotiva XPA-2 Stereo Power Amplifier


On the Bench

The tests were performed with both channels driven. All distortion measurements were made within an 80 kHz bandwidth.

At 1 kHz and 20 volts into 8 ohms (50 watts RMS), THD+N was 0.025%.

IMD was 0.07% (20 volts into 8 ohms).

Frequency response was within 1 dB from 10 Hz - 50 kHz. Notice that at 20 volts, the response attenuates sharply above 50 kHz. This is probably a mechanism to protect speakers from being exposed to high levels of frequencies above the audible band.

THD+N vs. Frequency shows good performance at 8 ohms and 4 ohms. This amplifier should be able to drive just about any speaker out there.

Power output at 8 ohms is very solid up to 300 watts (0.04% THD+N), before a rapid rise to clipping (1% THD+N) at 340 watts. At 4 ohms, output reached 400 watts (0.07% THD+N) before the rise to clipping at 480 watts. No question, the XPA-2 will really put out some juice.