Power Amplifiers

Rotel RMB-1085 Class D (Switching) Five-Channel Power Amplifier


Conclusions About the Rotel RMB-1085

Looking at the Rotel product line you will find six class D amplifiers. This shows the company is committed to utilizing this amplifier technology and has invested serious time and effort into producing high quality components. If you are still afraid of what class D can (and cannot) do, you should audition the Rotel version of Class D to hear for yourself what this topology can do.

This amplifier does what every well designed amplifier should do, that is - cleanly amplify the sound. The RMB-1085 is able to disappear and simply amplify without coloring the sound. The fact that it provides 500 watts in a 3" high enclosure is astounding. No audible distortion, ability to drive heavy loads and a relatively inexpensive price make the RMB-1085 an easy recommendation.