Portable Audio

Earthquake Sound iQuake IQ-52B iPod Dock


The Sound

Ah, now here is where the iQuake puts its money where its mouth is.

The speakers are bookshelf size, and that makes a huge difference in the sound. It also helps to have two 100 watt amplifiers in there.

I tested it with my iPod, which has classical and pop music stored in Apple Lossless (no compression) format.

The sound quality just simply blew me away. No, there wasn't a lot of bass, but there was more than I expected. Because I put the system on a buffet (a serving table) in my living room, there was a bit of boominess due to the sound bouncing off the top of the buffet in front of the speakers. But, a simple adjustment of the bass output from the remote control completely solved that problem.

The silk dome tweeter delivered terrific highs, without being overly sibilant.

The SPL that this thing could deliver also amazed me. The carbon fiber woofers didn't break up, and there was no harshness from the tweeter. Seriously, I have heard larger, more expensive bookshelf speakers that didn't sound this good.