Projectors have many uses besides home theater, and the InFocus IN5148HD is a perfect example.

It offers 5000 lumens output through a single-chip DLP light engine. It also offers motorized lens controls for super-easy installation and a relatively small and lightweight chassis.

InFocus IN5148HD 3D DLP Projector Front View

Many projectors capable of this much brightness are much larger and heavier, and most importantly, cost a lot more. The IN5148HD sells for $6899 MSRP which undercuts some of the competition by a significant amount.

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While it’s most at home in lecture halls and churches, it is suitable for home theater use. A large input panel hosts every type of video connection including HDBaseT which is something rarely seen on any display. It accepts computer input through a VGA port and even has built-in speakers.

I don’t often review super-high-output projectors like this but since it’s not a 100-pound behemoth like some 5000-lumen displays, I thought I’d see if it could function in a home theater environment. After a few measurements and tweaks, I discovered that its low-lamp mode puts out a very reasonable 49fL peak. While this is a bit bright, it’s perfectly watchable in a light-controlled space. The IN5148HD also supports 3D through DLP-Link glasses so I’ll be watching a few titles in that format.

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It’s always fun to see just how many different things a display can do. InFocus appears to have created a versatile product here and I look forward to spending many more hours with it over the coming weeks. Look for my full review in this space.

InFocus IN5148HD 3D DLP Projector Angle View