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"I Am Number Four" (Blu-ray) - Reviewed by Chris Eberle



Number Four is John Smith (Pettyfer), a seemingly boy-next-door kid who just wants to be normal and blend into society.  In reality, he’s a powerful alien who is being hunted by enemies from his home planet of Lorien.  They’ve already killed three of his allies and, you guessed it, John is the last one.  Or is he?  His protector Henri (Olyphant) takes him to the town of Paradise, Ohio in hopes of eluding the brutal Mogador assassins.  When he starts school, he quickly falls for Sarah (Agron) and befriends the local science nerd.  The action isn’t long in finding him when the bad guys show up bristling with weapons and sporting two flying monsters that destroy everything in their path.  Just in the nick of time another Lorien, Number 6 (Palmer), shows up.  She shows John just how far his powers go as they narrowly avoid death.  In the end, the good guys are victorious but John must move on to avoid putting his newfound love in danger.


  • Dreamworks
  • 2011, Color, Rated PG-13, 1 Hr 49 min
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
  • Codec: AVC
  • 1080p
  • English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Starring: Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer, Dianna Agron
  • Directed by D. J. Caruso
  • Entertainment:
  • Video:
  • Audio:
  • Extras:
  • Violence: Yes
  • Sex: No
  • Language: No


This movie is good clean fun; a typical Disney-style adventure.  The story is nothing new; teens with powers on a difficult path fighting impossible odds and of course, a love interest.  Still it is very entertaining and I thought very highly of Dianna Agron’s understated performance.  She’s not a typical blubbering young girl which I appreciated.  So often, films like this try too hard to appeal to the younger audience.  I believe there’s something here for everyone that likes a good action flick.  When you’re looking for good popcorn fare to watch with the whole family, I Am Number Four fills the bill nicely.


The video quality is excellent though a little short of reference level.  Detail was good but lacked the last degree of razor-sharpness found in the very best transfers.  Color was good but not great.  Most scenes show a cool palette which is just outside the realm of natural.  Dark scene contrast was excellent with rich detail and deep blacks.  Bright scenes are punchy with a good 3D look.

Audio is also excellent though I did observe minor flaws.  Though the LFE channel is used aggressively, I thought it could have been even stronger in the most intense action scenes.  Surrounds were also used a little too sparingly.  The sonic image was excellent at all times with a broad soundstage across the front.  Dialog was crisp except for the lines delivered by Kevin Durand as the Mogadorian Commander which were quite muddy and difficult to understand.  It was also obvious when the actors overdubbed their lines in post-production.


Bonus features are a bit thin including only a 3-minute blooper reel, a single making-of featurette and 19 minutes of deleted scenes.  Also included are trailers for other Dreamworks features.  The package I received has not only the Blu-ray but a DVD and digital copy version of the film.