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Home Theater Movie Renter's Guide - May, 2011

movie-may-2011-teaserThe Greatest Story Ever Told (Blu-ray), The Way Back (Blu-ray), Mob Rules (DVD), The Kings Speech (Blu-ray), All Dogs Go To Heaven (Blu-ray), Mystic Pizza (Blu-ray), Benny & Joon (Blu-ray), Material Girls (Blu-ray), De-Lovely (Blu-ray), Teen Wolf (Blu-ray), Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde (Blu-ray), The Green Hornet (Blu-ray)


An Interview with Violinist Christian Tetzlaff

A Talk With Violinist Christian Tetzlaff

Seventeen years into their founding, appearance by the Tetzlaff Quartet remain extremely rare. One glance at the schedule of the quartet’s founder, renowned violinist Christian Tetzlaff, and the reason becomes clear. In the months preceding the quartet’s seven-city U.S. tour in April, Christian Tetzlaff will perform orchestral, small chamber, and solo concerts in Berlin, Salzburg, Miami, Strasbourg, St. Petersburg, Lübeck, Zürich, Boston, New York’s Carnegie Hall (one of three Carnegie appearances this year), London, Paris, and several other European cities.


A Collection of New Vinyl Releases for the Audiophile - March, 2011

A Collection of New Vinyl Releases - March 2011

Folks who know these things'll tell you about how the Drive-By Truckers can black out your night in a distorted ocean of guitars and whiskey-soaked rock and roll attitude. They're right. On their latest, "Go-Go Boots," they take a different tact. This is a cleaner affair, but that's all relative, of course. A barroom bathroom is typically cleaner than a music festival portable toilet, but you still wouldn't want to lie down there.


A Collection of New Vinyl Releases for the Audiophile - April, 2011

A Collection of New Vinyl Releases - April 2011

I spent the better part of my formative years in Georgia. By that, I mean most of them. Went to middle school and high school in Augusta until a brief (although not brief enough) layover in Gainesville before finding the Promised Land which is Athens. If you like music, there is no better place to be. As I've never met anyone that doesn't like music, it seems like we could all agree, in consensus, that Athens, Georgia is at least one of the best places in the world to be, live, love, fight, fume, whatever.


Home Theater Movie Renter's Guide - March, 2011

movie-march-2011-teaserSword of War (DVD), The Last Unicorn (Blu-ray), Bambi (Blu-ray), Memento (Blu-ray), Dances with Wolves (Blu-ray), For Colored Girls (Blu-ray), Thelma & Louise (Blu-ray), Raging Bull (Blu-ray), Skyline (Blu-ray), Les Miserables: The 25th Anniversary Concert (Blu-ray), The Miracle Maker (Blu-ray), Rainman (Blu-ray), The Switch (Blu-ray), Last Tango In Paris (Blu-ray), Moonstruck (Blu-ray)


CD and DVD Music Reviews for the Audiophile - April, 2011

April CD and DVD Reviews for the Audiophile

If there’s any way to change weather patterns with blasts of focused air, the 13 members of the 16-year old Bay Brass stand of good chance of transforming the San Francisco Bay Area as we know it. These members of the San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Ballet, San Francisco Opera, and other regional orchestras have certainly given my ear canals the rotor rooter treatment. Sound the Bells!, their new recording on the Harmonia Mundi label, presents The Bay Brass in high-resolution, hybrid SACD format.


An Interview with Conductor Alondra De La Parra

A Talk with Conductor Alondra De La Parra

Less than nine months after her dynamic 2009 San Francisco Symphony debut conducting the symphony’s annual Day of the Dead concert, conductor Alondra de la Parra, 29, returned to lead four consecutive concerts with the orchestra. Her wide-ranging repertoire – two nights of American and America-associated music, one all-Russian eve, and a refreshing Dolores Park afternoon that mixed Dvorak’s New World Symphony with some of Mexico’s finest compositions – was as diverse as her roster of top-flight soloists.


Home Theater Movie Renter's Guide - April, 2011

movie-april-2011-teaserThe Next Three Days (Blu-ray), Little Fockers (Blu-ray), Babe (Blu-ray), The Fighter (Blu-ray), I Love You Phillip Morris (Blu-ray), The Ten Commandments (Blu-ray), Tangled 3D (Blu-ray), Black Swan (Blu-ray), Every Day (Blu-ray), Tron (Blu-ray), Tron Legacy 3D (Blu-ray), The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Blu-ray), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One (Blu-ray), The Resident (Blu-ray), Somewhere (Blu-ray), Taxi Driver (Blu-ray) A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Blu-ray),  Fiddler on the Roof (Blu-ray), Rabbit Hole (DVD), The Incredibles (Blu-ray)


CD Reviews for the Audiophile - February 2011

CD Reviews for the Audiophile-February 2011

The term “jazz” begins to lose meaning when applied to creations as brilliant as this. Iyer’s music transcends genres as it takes us on an oft-mesmerizing journey into the heart and mind of an extremely gifted musician. In “Autoscopy,” chords churn in ways that seem more connected to new music than jazz. The jazz element may be more recognizable in the relentless riffs of “Patterns,” but elements constantly change and shift in the 11 excursions on Solo in ways that transcend categories and labels. No wonder Iyer has also received commissions from the American Composers Orchestra, wind quintet Imani Winds, and new music quartet Ethel.


An Interview with Jazz Drummer Eric Harland

An Interview with Jass Drummer Eric Harland

Drummer and composer Eric Du’sean Harland, 34, was all of 17 when Wynton Marsalis heard him perform and encouraged him to study in New York City. After graduating from the Manhattan School of Music, and pursuing ministerial studies at Houston Baptist University, Harland launched a drumming career that has now spawned over 80 recordings with the likes of Terence Blanchard, Stefon Harris, McCoy Tynor, Charles Lloyd, Dave Holland, and Ravi Coltrane. Currently active in four major ensembles, he has received 1st Place in the last three DownBeat “Rising Star Drums” polls.


A Collection of New Vinyl Releases for the Audiophile - February, 2011

A Collection of New Vinyl Releases for the Audiophile - February 2011

On December 8, 2010, I made a mistake. I suppose there really is a first time for everything. Anyone who pays attention to these things will know that I gave "Best New Vinyl Recording 2010" to the great Hacienda from San Antonio, Texas. That wasn't the mistake. I caught their opening set on the previously mentioned date at the Independent in San Francisco and loved it. Why wouldn't I? The problem is, and this is where the error occurred, that I left before the main event. It was a "school night."