Media Streamer

Nixeus Fusion HD Digital Player (Multi-media Streamer)



Despite a few flaws, it’s hard to fault the Fusion HD too much given its low price of only $199.99. A full-blown home theater PC will cost you at least 10 times as much for only a little more functionality and a lot more complexity. An Apple TV is cheaper and works better but is limited to a few Internet apps and content from either your iTunes library or the iTunes Store. I’m not sure I personally would have a use for the Fusion HD in its current form but I believe it shows a lot of promise. If you want to use it strictly as a movie server, it will work just fine. The interface is not as slick as some much more expensive products but the vast majority of users will have no problems figuring it out. As I said in my review of the Apple TV, having your media at the call of a button is quite compelling. It doesn’t seem like dropping a disc in a drawer would be a big deal but having a screen full of movie choices on your TV is extremely cool. You will view your content in a whole new way and the convenience level is more than a little bit higher.

Since products like the Fusion HD are still emerging, it’s tough to compare them without an established frame of reference. I saw much potential in this box and I’m sure with future firmware updates, it will only get better. Nixeus has delivered a reasonably solid component at a killer price. If you want to experience movie server convenience without dropping thousands on high-end systems, you might want to give the Fusion HD a shot. For less than $200 it’s hard not to recommend it. Just remember, this is a new category in media delivery, teething pains are inevitable.