Media Streamer

Marantz NA7004 Network Music Streamer



For their first take on a dedicated network audio player, Marantz has done an amazing job of doing things well. The sheer convenience of the player combined with the quality and performance that the NA7004 delivers with the FLAC format, including support for 24 bit 96 kHz content, is impressive. I appreciated how easy it is to listen to music from around the world and to enjoy music from my computer and iPhone. I also appreciate that Marantz is not platform- or brand-specific. Thanks to standards like DLNA, products like the NA7004 can be controlled and integrated into a wide range of configurations. While the integration is not without its occasional problem, the fact that the NA7004 does so much so well is a sign that these standards are maturing. I hope Marantz continues to offer software updates and new features to the NA7004. If you are looking for a network audio player, by all means give the NA7004 an audition.