Media Servers

Kaleidescape Cinema One Media Server


On the Bench

In all the years of reading reviews of Kaleidescape I don't know that I ever saw one focus on bench test performance. It has always been about the usability and features of the system and not the raw performance. Well no one should really worry about it because the Cinema One performs very well on our Blu-ray bench tests.

The Cinema One was also a joy to use on the bench tests due to its speed. Chapters and Titles load up almost instantly instead of waiting for the disc to seek. Measuring loading times or layer changes was almost pointless, as the Cinema One doesn't suffer from those. The previous record for loading The Dark Knight is 58 seconds but the Cinema One can manage it in fewer than 10.


The Kaleidescape does fail one CUE test and the Bad Edits test but breezes through everything else. On our bench tests, the Kaleidescape is an excellent performer and one of the better Blu-ray players I've tested in a long while.