Integrated Amplifiers

Simaudio Moon 700i Integrated Amplifier


On The Bench

With a 1 kHz test tone in a 8ohm load via the balanced input at 2V (6dBV) the 700i shows a THD+N of less than 0.008%, at 2.8V (1 watt) THD was 0.007%. Via the unbalanced input into 8ohms the THD+N level is 0.03% and into 4 ohms it shows 0.07%. The noise floor of the balanced input is noticeably lower by about 10dBV across the board. Distortion is primarily odd and the 3rd harmonic being the largest at -75dBV in the balanced inputs. Unbalanced shows -70dBV into 8ohms and -60dBV into 4.

Even order harmonics are very low to almost nonexistent which is further highlighted when the amp is tested against a live speaker, even order harmonics almost disappear entirely while the 3rd harmonic remains -75dBV below the fundamental.

IMD is 0.006% via the balanced input and 0.02% via the unbalanced. 2nd order peak is very quiet at nearly 90dBV below the 7kHz fundamental.

With the 19kHz + 20 kHz test on the balanced input we see the 1kHz peak more than 90 dBV below the fundamental and only slightly lower for unbalanced.