Integrated Amplifiers

Ming Da MD-75 Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier


The MD-75 Integrated Amplifier In Use

I listened to the MD-75 using an OPPO BDP-95 universal player and Magnepan MG 1.7 planar speakers. Cables were Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 6 interconnects and Wireworld Eclipse 6 speaker cables.

Recorders (a musical instrument that sounds like a pan flute) are wonderfully musical, with an uplifting sound that could probably never be used to play the "blues". Tubes add to that musicality, and I thoroughly enjoyed the sound through the MD-75. I ended up preferring ultra-linear mode with its increased power and dynamic range. The presence of the comparatively large (compared to solid state) amounts of second and third ordered harmonics simply add to the pleasure.


Strings are great instruments with tube amplifiers because the harmonics add richness that can be lost when the recording microphones are not close to all of the stringed instruments being played, which is generally the case. It does not replace lost sound, but puts back in some of the pleasure that would be experienced if you were in the audience at the symphony hall. That is exactly what I felt when I listened to this SACD of a stringed quartet.


I also listened to numerous other albums, and with just 75 watts, it is not for rattling the windows with Stravinsky. This is an amplifier to sit back and enjoy easy listening types of music. And, it does a great job of it. Warn and soothing would be a totally encompassing description of the sound quality.