Integrated Amplifiers

Krell S-550i Integrated Amplifier


Conclusions about the Krell S-550i Integrated Amplifier

The Krell S-550i is a winner in just about every way. I'll mention that up front that I did want a few extra features. It would be nice if the readout would show iPod metadata from the dock. And I would like to see a dedicated mono subwoofer line level out. Those are two very minor wishes. The real story is in the massive performance you get from this fine product. That's what you're paying for, right?

The S-550i is solid, rugged and reliable. Its performance is incredible in both the listening tests and on the bench tests. It has high bandwidth and low measured distortion especially considering it has no global negative feedback in the preamp stage.

On listening, the sound is vibrant, dynamic and dimensional. Pure Americana in so many ways . . . A high damping factor means it will grab your speakers by the cajones and never let go. Plus it puts out huge amounts of power with high current capability and the ability to double down when the load is halved. This is where the passion, drive and delicacy are unleashed from you favorite music. Don't forget that the S-550i handles cinema well; so deeply quiet when required and so ruthlessly gripping when demanded. A very solid all-around performer that really is capable of driving just about any speaker I can dream of.