Integrated Amplifiers

EMP Tek VT-40.2 Hybrid Integrated Stereo Tube Amplifier



So what's up with tubes anyway and why do music lovers swoon over them? Tubes primarily create even order harmonic distortion that can sound warmer and more pleasant to our ears. Solid state amps can produce odd harmonics that can create a harsher, grittier sound when pushed too hard. (Check out "tubes" in our Primer section for more details on how they work). The VT-40.2 applies tubes to the preamp and acts as a unity gain buffer. The actual power amp is a solid state toroidal A/B linear design. The transformer sits on top and to the back of the VT-40.2. It is encased in a nice black anodized aluminum "tower" that adds to the retro look of this amp. The front panel sports an On/Off toggle, selector switch for 3 inputs and a volume knob. Simple and sweet. Even a complete novice should be able to set this up in no time flat.