Integrated Amplifiers

ONIX H6550 Integrated Tube Amplifier



The appeal of the ONIX H6550 goes beyond sound - an effort was made to design an integrated amplifier that is reliable and to give its owner many years of elegant and trouble-free music. But also, this is an audiophile-grade product. As the ONIX will more than satisfy any seasoned tubeophile, it will yet provide a newbie an opportunity to show off something very different to his/her transistor friends.

Ironically it's almost too bad the H6550 came after the SP3 – I hope this brilliant integrated doesn't get lost as the descendant rather than a successor to the equally brilliant SP3. The superb look and feel of the H6550 drips with quality, and I'm dumbfounded to find anything unappealing from Melody either in build or performance. Mark's "little friend" has a grown up version.

If you're a tube roller, I'm sure you could tweak to your heart's content with the H6550 – I didn't for the very reason that the stock tubes offered what I would consider a superior and totally satisfying sound. If it is obvious in the review that the H6550 totally engaged me emotionally, then I say to you, "Mission accomplished."