Headphones and Earphones

Sennheiser HD 238 Precision High Resolution Stereo Headphones



The HD 238’s are very nicely designed. They are light at 286 grams (10.1 oz) yet still feel solid and well put together. When I hold and look at the HD 238’s in my hand, they definitely give me a sense of quality. The upper head band is adjustable for head size, and the ear cups rotate to sit comfortably on one’s ears. The head band has soft leather covered padding, and the ear cups also have the same material on the inside part that touches your ears. The ear pads are very soft, and removable for replacement ear pads if the originals wear out or are damaged. Overall they are very comfortable to wear. I would leave them on for hours at a time while working at my desk, sometimes forgetting to take them off even after the album had finished playing. Aside from the quality of design from a functional perspective, they just look great: The HD 238’s are all black and dark metallic gray, with a subtle yet distinctive white lettering on the head band, and a silver ring around the driver ports.