Headphones and Earphones

NuForce NE-700X Earbuds


Design and In Use

Each earbud has a single dynamic driver, which has a titanium coating. Earbuds often sound great, but they don't fit my ears well. They either are not straight in my ear canals, or don't fit tight enough to stay in while I am walking.

The NuForce NE-700X fit me like they were made for my ears. In fact, they make an air-tight seal and never fell out while I used them.

I walk three miles every day around the circle road that is at the top of the hill where I live. I used the NE-700X for a few months, listening to my favorite jazz and classical music, stored in Apple Lossless format (true CD quality).

The sound was impeccable, with a very natural tone, no excess sibilance, and deep bass. I like them so much, I decided to use them permanently, not only for my daily walks, but also when playing my drums along with some classic jazz LPs that I have in the lab. The air-tight fit makes them perfect for reducing the high SPL that hard cymbal crashes produce, so that my own cymbals were the same loudness that the jazz groups were playing in the earbuds (I try to keep the volume in the earbuds at about 85 dB so as not to cause damage to my hearing).

Note that, although the various EQ settings on iPods and other portable players can change the tonality (frequency response) to suit your tastes, EQ cannot decrease the amount of distortion that the earbud drivers produce, and as you will see in the Bench Tests, the NuForce NE-700X earbuds have very low distortion.