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Monster Turbine Pro Copper Professional In-Ear Speakers



My time spent with the Monster Turbine Copper Pro In-Ear speakers has been more than pleasant. These are easily the best in-ear speakers I have ever heard, as they should be, costing $399. Although I still prefer to do most of my critical listening on regular over-the-ear headphones, it just isn’t a good option for me at my office. Open air design headphones like the AKG701’s let out a lot of sound that fellow coworkers can get annoyed with. This is why I prefer an in-ear speaker when working. I can crank the music as loud as I want and not worry about annoying anyone and with the Pro Coppers I enjoy a stunning sonic presentation as well. Definitely give the Monster Pro Coppers a good look if you are in the market for a wonderfully balanced and detailed audiophile quality in-ear speaker.