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Monster Turbine Pro Copper Professional In-Ear Speakers



Recently I reviewed Monster’s Turbine In-Ear Speaker Monster Turbine High Performance Ear Buds and my experience with that product made me curious about their professional line of similarly designed in-ear speakers. Enter the Monster Turbine Pro Copper, a more refined and ruggedly built version of the Turbines. The Pro Coppers target audience is not your casual mp3 listener, these are designed for picky audiophiles and studio professionals. Monster refers to them as studio quality monitors - in-ear speakers - that deliver nothing but accuracy, transparency, and detail. Find out if they deliver on their claims in my review.


  • Design: Full-Range In-Ear Speakers
  • Cable: 4.5 Feet; Tangle-resistant
  • MSRP: $399.95 USA
  • Monster