Toshiba 50L5200U LCD TV


Design and Setup of the Toshiba 50L5200U LCD TV

The Toshiba design is simple and conservative with a thin bezel and rectangular base.  There have been some flashier designs from other companies, but for me, the less distracting the frame and base are, the better.  I prefer to not have anything, like a chrome stand, distracting my eyes from what I am watching.  The L5200U has 3 HDMI and 1 component for inputs, which for most would be enough for your cable box, Blu-ray player and a game system.  While the L5200U is thin, it isn't so thin that you need a breakout box for the component or coaxial inputs as you do on the thinnest TVs today.

On the feature side of things, the Toshiba is a 1080p LED-edgelit LCD design with 120Hz refresh and ClearFrame™ processing to reduce motion blur.  You can adjust the level of the ClearFrame interpolations, as well as disabling it for 24p content.  For picture modes this TV has Standard, Dynamic, Movie, PC, and User Preference.  Film or Video mode for deinterlacing can be manually selected as well as a Game mode for reduced lag.  DynaLight is what Toshiba calls its contrast increasing backlight-adjusting feature, which has Low, Medium, and High levels.  With bright scenes, the brightness of the edge LEDs is increased and then decreased during darker scenes.