SunBriteTV 5560HD 55” Outdoor All-weather LCD HDTV


Conclusions about the SunBriteTV 5560HD 55" Outdoor All-weather LCD HDTV

With the advent of the flat-panel TV, new applications have started coming to fruition, with one of them being all-weather outdoor TV's. It is a brand new market and SunBriteTV is leading the way with their complete line of high definition panels. My time with the SunBriteTV was more than enjoyable and made me quite envious of those with the means to have a complete outdoor living area. In my opinion, if you are designing an outdoor area for entertainment there is no reason to leave out a SunBrite TV. It is built with the ability to take on rain, snow, hot and cold, bugs, and salt air with ease. While you may not get the same state-of-the-art picture quality you'd expect in a similar indoor TV, you do get a very bright LED lit panel, which is critical when watching in the bright sunlight, and good off angle viewing.

Without much competition, there is indeed a price premium for an outdoor TV over a similar indoor, but don't expect that budget 55" indoor LCD to last very long in the elements. As I have found out many times the hard way, doing things right the first time can often save money and stress down the road. My suggestion is, if you plan on setting up a TV outside, do yourself a favor and go with a SunBriteTV. Then fire up the smoker, get the ribs going, and call the friends over to enjoy the good life.