SunBriteTV 5560HD 55” Outdoor All-weather LCD HDTV


The SunBriteTV 5560HD 55" Outdoor All-weather LCD HDTV On the Bench

Sitting down with the SunBriteTV outdoor TV, the picture adjustments were extremely limited. It is the first TV to come through here without any sort of white balance adjustment, so I was stuck using the preset modes and picking what looked best. Even the best mode that I could pick, warm, came out looking very blue and was close to 8000K for an average CCT. For a dedicated home theater room this might be unacceptable, but for an outdoor set where you'll have sunlight hitting it and color shifts caused by daylight, it's not quite as big a deal and the extra light output from this might be appreciated.

The gamut also offered no adjustments aside from Color and Tint. None of the colors were horrible, and they were all better than white as far as the dE 2000 values. The gamut included the full HDTV area without being way outside of it, which leads to neon greens and other issues, and wouldn't be correctable on this set. Overall the color performance was good.

The SunBriteTV was able to produce a ridiculous 120+ fL when everything was cranked up on it, which was so bright it was almost painful to look at a screen that bright at night. You'll have no issue getting enough light output from this set, which is good as it'll be in the direct sun sometimes and you'll need that light output. The SunBriteTV managed to produce 4:2:2, 4:4:4 and RGB colorspaces with full chroma and luma information, and didn't clip any pixels either. It did seem to introduce some motion interpolation that I didn't see a way to defeat, which will bother many people.

3:2 and 2:2 cadences worked fine on the SunBriteTV, with a lock coming fairly fast and not dropping. BTB and WTW material was present if the brightness and contrast were adjusted correctly, and no other major issues were visible. The SunBriteTV isn't going to replace your plasma or projector in your dedicated home theater room, but it isn't meant to. I really would like a 2 point white balance control to be available, as that would really improve the grayscale, but most people probably won't care with the TV going outside.