Sony 46HX929 46" Backlit LED-Array HDTV


Conclusions about the Sony 46HX929 46" Backlit LED-Array HDTV

While the race to thin has brought us TVs that sit flush against the wall, it has reached a point of diminishing returns. Once your case is the thickness of an HDMI cable, getting thinner doesn't make much sense. The 46HX929 is just a couple inches thick and blends into any décor, but the performance it delivers over those panels trying to shave an extra half-inch off their depth is massive. It produces deep, inky blacks including letterbox bars that disappear into the black frame.

Colors are rich and accurate, and details are all present. The side effects I expected to find from backlighting, such as haloing and uneven lighting, were only present if you were far off-angle. For an LCD display, you are going to be hard pressed to find one that can produce an image equal to the Sony HX929 series, much less one that does better. The online content all worked well and kept me from needing to use a Blu-ray player to watch something on Hulu or Netflix. The styling of the HX929 is really quite nice and stands out in a room, though the glass is a bit more reflective than a standard LCD finish.

In the end, the Sony HX929 is a display I can recommend to users that want the best quality LCD on the market. In a pitch-black room, everything but the image itself disappears, but it still has more than enough light output for even the brightest rooms. The motion features do a good job of making sports and other TV content look fantastic, and films were wonderful at their native cadence. I highly recommend looking at the HX929 if you want one of the best displays out there today.