Samsung PN51E8000 51" Plasma HDTV


Design and Setup of the Samsung PN51E8000 Plasma HDTV

A couple of years ago Samsung moved to a +1 design, where the large bezel around the outside of the screen was eliminated and every screen added an inch of viewable area to it. The bezel around the PN51E8000 is very small and thin and will look quite nice mounted on a wall. All of the inputs and outputs on the rear are side mounts, allowing the panel to flush-mount against the wall easily except for the power cord, which still protrudes from the rear. Assembling the stand and attaching it was easy enough to do myself, something that isn't always the case with a flat panel.

As one of the models to have Samsungs SmartTV features enabled, the PN51E8000 has access to a wide range of online and local content. Netflix, Amazon On Demand, Hulu Plus, and more are available to stream direct to your TV. Since the TV has WiFi integrated, you don't need to run an Ethernet cable or use a USB dongle to access it. One area that I wish Samsung and other vendors would improve on would be authenticating all of the services to your display, or Blu-ray player, or other streaming device. Sometimes Netflix wants an authentication code, and sometimes it wants your email and password. The same goes for Hulu and everything else. Finding a way to allow you to not enter all your credentials from a remote control would be a nice area of improvement.

Once it was online, I measured and calibrated the PN51E8000, and hooked up an Oppo BDP-93 Blu-ray player and a Pioneer BDP-62FD Blu-ray player. TV was watched with the internal tuner using an antenna, and all streaming was done over WiFi from the same room as the access point.