NuVision NVU65FX5 65" LCD Flat-Panel HDTV


In Use

NuVision LCD

During any display review I like to view content that has both natural and interpreted color. My first film was Seabiscuit, released on Blu-ray back in May. This color palette of this film is about as natural as it gets. Lush hues abound in this period drama about the life of the most famous racehorse in American history. From the warm fire-lit scenes to bright sunny days at the racetrack, the NVU65 gave a supremely accurate presentation. As a diehard plasma fan, this LCD exceeded my expectations. Remember this is not an LED-lit TV. It uses the traditional cold cathode florescent backlight. Despite this, contrast was very deep and uniform with excellent color separation. Dark scenes were not quite inky black but I was very impressed with the sharply rendered shadow detail.

NuVision LCD

To test the frame interpolation feature (FFM – Frame Forward Motion) of the NVU65 I put in the action thriller Live Free or Die Hard. FFM has three levels (low, medium and high) or you can turn it off. I compared several car chase and flyover scenes at the different settings. This is the first implementation of this technology I have seen that does not produce motion artifacts such as tearing or stuttering. Even though I find the look a bit strange, the NVU65 did a perfect job of smoothing out fast motion and restoring lost resolution. There wasn’t even the slightest hint of motion blur in any material. Whoever was responsible for the software development of FFM at NuVision did a heck of a job, bravo!

NuVision LCD

My final film test was Mission Impossible 3. This movie is full of oversaturated color and overblown contrast. Many displays will look flat when showing this kind of material but not the NVU65. Color separation remained solid and the image retained excellent depth and dimension at all times. The NuVision’s excellent video processing showed itself during the difficult Vatican staircase scene. The closely spaced steps showed no signs of breakup or judder even with FFM turned off.