LG 55LW5600 55" 3D Edge Lit LED LCD HDTV


Conclusions About the LG 55LW5600 55" 3D Edge Lit LED LCD HDTV

The 3D display market is a tough one to be a part of. People have yet to be convinced that 3D is the future of home entertainment and are very skeptical when buying a new TV. Do they really need 3D? That is certainly up to the consumer, but LG has released a very capable display that puts of a very nice 2D and 3D image on screen. Those consumers that want to host events like the Super Bowl, or just have friends over to watch a movie no longer need to be put off by the ridiculous cost of active shutter glasses.

The LW5600 can be picked up for a competitive price along with plenty of passive glasses for you and your friends. The LG looks good out of the box under the ISF Expert setting, but it looks even better after professionally calibrated. I would certainly suggest checking it out in person before purchasing one, to make sure the issues we had with the 3D resolution and the Retarder texture aren’t going to be a problem for you. Those issues aside, the LG is a very nice display.