LG 55LW5600 55" 3D Edge Lit LED LCD HDTV


Design and Setup of the LG 55LW5600 55" 3D Edge Lit LED LCD HDTV

At just 1.2” deep, the LW5600 is thin, very thin. In fact, I’m not sure why anyone would even need a thinner TV than this and anything smaller probably wouldn’t have room for a standard HDMI connection!  The unit is gloss black with a slim rectangular base. No distracting silver aesthetics, just a nice clean design. The LG is just under 60 pounds with the stand, so unless you are freakishly strong with long arms, having a friend to help move it is still necessary, but at least you won’t break your back like with old CRT sets.

Setting up the display is fairly user intuitive with LG’s unique graphic interface. There are several display options including standard and the always nauseating “vivid” mode, but we skipped straight to the ISF Expert mode and immediately noticed a much better picture. There are also the standard stretch and zoom modes, but we selected “Just Scan” which is a one-to-one pixel mapping. One negative aspect of the menu design in the LG is that there is no button that quickly takes you to Setup for adjusting the display settings.

After the display was hooked up and had warmed up, we proceeded to calibrate it using a calibrated i1 Display2, ChromaPure 2.2 Software, and a Lumagen Radiance Mini3D.