Floor-standing Speakers

Wilson Audio Sophia 3 Floor-standing Speakers


Conclusions about the Wilson Audio Sophia 3 Speakers

The more time I've spent with the Sophia 3, the more times a single question has arisen in my mind: Why would anyone with the financial resources to purchase a speaker in the $15,000-$20,000 price range end up settling for a flawed product when the Sophia 3 is such a proven performer? After all, the reason you spend $17,900 on a pair of loudspeakers is because you want the wide frequency response, solid bass control, spatiality, transparency, detail, speed, and tonal refinement that only well-designed loudspeaker constructed with top quality components can deliver. With a full-range frequency response that descends to 20 Hz and ascends to a room average of 22.5 Hz, a design that throws a wide soundstage with lots of depth, drivers and internal parts that convey musical timbres startlingly close to the real thing, and superb control in all registers at both low and high volume, why would anyone with decently powered amplification settle for anything else?