Floor-standing Speakers

Waterfall Audio, Iguasçu Evo Floor-Standing Speakers



There are many great sounding speakers these days. A smaller number of which are actually beautiful in design. Most of those using traditional materials like MDF veneered with exotic wood finishes. Some using aluminum. Even fewer of those could be called truly modern in aesthetics. The Waterfall Iguascu I suspect lead the pack in that small group. They are beautiful speakers than fit right at home in a loft or modern home. They compromise nothing in performance for those good looks. While they're not cheap, if you have the means I recommend you listen to these speakers. They possess one of the best, if not the best soft dome tweeters I've ever heard. Detail and resolution, timing, etc are all superb at the price. They embody all the qualities in terms of imaging that a top flight monitor (bookshelf) speaker, and bass extension of a smaller tower. Plus strikingly clean and modern design. A rare combination of looks and substance.