Floor-standing Speakers

THIEL CS2.7 Floor-Standing Speakers


Conclusions about the THIEL CS2.7 Floor-standing Speakers

As I get older I've begun to prize those things that have meaning to me, not many but just a few things; my Eames chairs or my Boxster for examples. None of these inordinately expensive as I've purchased them all used, well used in fact but I hope they will always be with me. I've never felt that way until recently about audio gear, I've never fallen so in love with anything that I wasn't willing to part with it. But my favorite hobby has changed and I now look at gear the same way, I'd like to enjoy something so much that I'd like it to be with me forever. The CS2.7 comes oh so close to that status.

In purchasing a Thiel speaker, my sense is that you're getting the very best effort from everyone involved, from the concept, design and engineering to fabrication, it feels like you're buying the love and passion that any craftsman puts into a piece. When I look at the CS2.7, I could imagine staring at it in 20 years and thinking I made a wise investment. It could very well be as timeless as any speaker and it will be talked about fondly as long as we listen to music from a box pushing air.

The Thiel CS2.7's enter my house with the highest of expectations; Thiel's stellar reputation, the highest praise from respected audio reviewers, along with my own experience, I was prepared for an amazing audition in my own listening space. I won't exaggerate, I loved the CS2.7. Consider that their flagship CS3.7 is under $15,000 for a pair and their low end CS1.7 is under $4,000, it would seem reasonable to consider them affordable. When I heard the SCS4T's (the floorstanding version of their SCS4's stand-mounted speaker) a couple of years ago, I was smitten enough to consider a pair. But hearing the likes of the CS3.7 made you want those and now with the CS2.7's at under $8,000 for a pair opens new possibilities. And the CS2.7 deserves serious consideration from Secrets for speaker of the year honors.