Floor-standing Speakers

Tannoy Revolution DC6T Floor-standing Speakers


Conclusion about the Tannoy Revolution DC6T Floor-standing Speaker

For music lovers that listen to a wide selection of genres, these could very well be your speakers. It didn't matter if I listened to mainstream hip-hop, pop like Chromeo or Two Door Cinema Club, heavy electronic like Noisia, or well recorded acoustic music. The Tannoy DC6Ts never failed to deliver a remarkably pleasurable and dynamic presentation. In the context of their price it's hard to find faults. Compared to more expensive speakers they fall short of delivering absolute realism to acoustic instruments but I've not heard any floor stander under 4k that does. Equally priced small stand mounters offer more mid range resolution but at the expense of drive, bass and dynamic ability. The Tannoy DC6Ts are a seriously good accomplishment.

The toughest part may be finding a dealer to audition the DC6T but Tannoy assures me they are in the process of expanding their dealer network. If you're in the market for a sub two thousand dollar pair of floor standers consider the DC6Ts for the top of your list. Just remember, what you'll hear will be more the electronics than the speaker. Make sure you know what you're actually listening to before making a call on the Tannoy DC6Ts sound. Highly recommended!