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Legend Acoustics Tikandi Speaker System with DEQX HDP-3 Processing

Legend Acoustics Tikandi Loudspeaker System with DEQX HDP-3 Processing


Room correction technology for audiophiles has existed for over a decade now, but this technology has not yet seen wide adoption. Many audiophiles just can't stomach a processor messing with the signal. Never mind their speakers might have terrible frequency and phase response, at least when compared to their other electronics! On top of that, interaction with the room causes frequency response errors of well over 10 dB in all but the most acoustically perfect rooms. Still think your signal is "pure?"

The same DSP technology used in a room correction system can also be used to make a much more radical system, one that completely eliminates the passive loudspeaker crossover and corrects for individual driver response. DEQX is an Australian company that has pioneered this new type of technology. They have provided speaker correction systems for manufacturers including NHT. The well-regarded Xa speaker system uses a DEQX processor, but only for driver correction and crossover functions.

The new Tikandi speaker from Australian loudspeaker manufacturer Legend Acoustics is a complete system that uses the full power of the DEQX HDP-3 processor. In this review, I listen to the Tikandi speaker system, consisting of the Tikandi 3-way speaker system, powered by the 8-channel Marantz MM8003 amplifier and commanded by the DEQX HDP-3 processor. The HDP-3 can also be used with any loudspeaker, providing loudspeaker response correction, room correction and if desired, crossover functions in addition to preamp functionality. I also listened to the HDP-3 with my own Gallo Reference 3.1 loudspeakers.


  • Tikandi Speakers
  • Design: 3-way Sealed Enclosure
  • Drivers: One 1" Dome Tweeter, One 5.25" Midrange, Two 10" Woofers
  • MFR: 20 Hz - 25 kHz ± 2 dB
  • Sensitivity:88 dB/W @ 1m
  • Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Recommended Power: 50 - 200 Watts
  • Marantz MM8003 Power Amplifier Supplied as Part of Package (8 x 140 Watts RMS)
  • Dimensions: 38" H x 12" W x 12" D
  • Weight: 100 Pounds/each
  • DEQX HDP-3 Processor
  • DEQX-HD™ Active Crossovers; 48dB/octave to 300dB/octave linear-phase
  • Traditional Active 3-way Crossovers from 6dB/octave to 48dB/octave
  • 32-bit, Floating-point, 240-MFLOPS Processing with Dual SHARC DSPs
  • Analogue Volume Control Maintains Full DAC Resolution at Low Listening Levels
  • Analog Inputs: Unbalanced (2 x RCA) and Balanced (2 x XLR)
  • Digital Inputs: S/PDIF (1 x RCA) and AES/EBU (1 x XLR)
  • Microphone Input has 48V phantom power for DEQX Calibrated™ Mics
  • Outputs: 6 RCA Unbalanced
  • Anodized Black brushed or Silver brushed Aluminum Front
  • Dimensions: 3.5" H x 17" W x 11.5" D
  • MSRP for Tikandi Loudspeaker System as Tested, Including Amp, Processor and All Cables: $19,199
  • MSRP for HDP3 processor with Standard Calibration Kit and Active Balanced Output Module $6,150
  • Legend Speakers