Floor-standing Speakers

Legacy Focus SE Floor-standing Speakers


The Design

In a world where manufacturers are looking to simplify their designs, maintain quality, but keep costs down, Legacy just builds speakers of various sizes, uses the best parts, and lets the price fall where it may. The Focus SE's, at just under ten grand, are not found in places like Best Buy, but the quality of their sound vs. the price, could make them a best buy, depending on what sort of sound experience you are trying to achieve. I chose the Focus SE's because they are in the middle of their product line and were the proper size for my living room.

This is a six-driver, four-way design, and that makes them very complex. For example, the woofers don't simply cross over at 120 Hz, they do it using a 6th order Butterworth filter. This means there is very little overlap between the sound coming from the woofers and the midrange drivers, because a 6th order crossover has a 36 dB/octave slope.

The woodworking is very high quality. Look at the joins on the front corner. It is very complicated to make all of the seams fit together this accurately.


Shown below is a close-up of the entire driver array. You can see the woven fibers of the silver-graphite midrange cones.


A close-up of the two tweeters illustrates their flat-panel (ribbon) design. The one on top is the super-tweeter.


The left and right sides of the enclosure, as well as the top and bottom, are non-parallel surfaces, which reduces standing waves in the enclosure. Two ports on the rear vent the woofers. The other drivers have their own enclosure within the main enclosure and are sealed off from the woofers.

The binding posts are set up for bi-wiring or bi-amping, with four posts and jumpers, shown below. The wood in the photo is one of their exotic finishes and adds about $1,000 to the base price. My review pair were in natural cherry, shown in the photo on Page 1 of this review. Notice that there are two trim toggles, to reduce the high or low frequencies by 2 dB, in case you prefer a sound with less brightness or deep bass. I liked them with the treble trimmed, but the bass left in the standard position (no trim).