Floor-standing Speakers

Legacy Classic HD Tower Speakers and Metro Subwoofer


Legacy Classic HD Speaker Design

The Legacy Classic HD towers are a 3-way 4-driver design based on Legacy's Neo Ribbon tweeter along with a trio of Rohacell® reinforced carbon fiber cone drivers.

Rohacell® is a high strength closed cell foam that is used to make light weight structural components predominantly in the aerospace, automotive and medical technology industries. In my estimation, it is a true high tech material even though it has been around for more than 30 years! It is light weight, stiff and easy to fabricate. Legacy uses it to reinforce the cones in the Classic HD's. In this particular instance, a diaphragm of silver carbon weave is fused to a Rohacell backer. Meanwhile, the tweeter's diaphragm is also formed from a material common to the aerospace industry – Kapton.

So what you have in the Classic HD's is a high end folded ribbon tweeter mated to a 7" lightweight cone midrange with a cast basket. The tweeter and midrange are mounted very close together near the top of the enclosure. These two drivers are underpinned by a pair of similarly light and responsive 8" cones in a bass reflex enclosure that is ported on the back.

The finish on the pair I got in for review was what Legacy calls a black finish. It's not black. Instead, this extremely glossy finish has imbedded silver sparkles. It reminds me of the finish they used to put on the Corvette Stingrays of the '70's. Remember that?

The cabinet is MDF with interlocking joinery that is covered in one of three absolutely stunning finishes – two real wood choices and the groovy black and silver speckle finish on my review samples. In Legacy's words, "The exquisite finish is hand-rubbed several times to assure a patina at home with the most elegant decor." This cabinet is tuned with two alarmingly small (B6) rear-firing ports.

The input cup also exudes class with two pairs of custom binding posts with pure copper straps for single cable installations or bi wire/biamping when removed. Also included is a pair of heavy duty toggle switches on the terminal plate. These offer the choice between flat response or the option to attenuate the bass and/or treble by 2 db by flipping the switches.

Legacy also sent along their new, compact subwoofer - the Metro. I call it compact because it is the smallest sub Legacy offers. But don't be fooled into thinking this is among the super compact category of subs. To be sure, Legacy's idea of a compact sub is much different than those produced by a mass market company.

The Metro sub is a 16" cube that has a front-firing 12" active driver and a down-firing 15" passive radiator. It is driven by a 500 watt amp that Legacy says puts out 500 "real" watts. The amp has unbalanced stereo line ins and outs, a balanced LFE input and speaker level inputs. The crossover is continuously variable from 40 – 200 Hz. There is no crossover defeat switch. It also has a continuously variable phase control from 0° to -180° and a nice power cord.

All three of these speakers are especially well made and they come with a 7-year warranty but I bet they will last a lifetime. In addition to the 7-year warranty, Legacy also offers a satisfaction guarantee. Here it is described in their own words, "A great deal of forethought, love and satisfaction is instilled in each piece of Legacy workmanship. We take pride in getting to know many of our customers on a first name basis. Your purchase of this product is backed by the renowned Legacy Satisfaction Guarantee". It's hard to sniff at that kind of commitment.