Floor-standing Speakers

Induction Dynamics ID1 Floor Standing Speakers Review


Conclusions about the Induction Dynamics ID1 Floor Standing Speakers

Starting at a shade under $12,000 a pair, these are expensive speakers, relative to most consumers' viewpoint. To the ultra-high end market, not so expensive. But they offer real value to the consumer insofar as the technology and implementation of the ID1’s, and the price reflects the sound quality.

Performance-wise, I honestly can't stress enough how the smooth, full-range frequency balance coupled with the low distortion design makes for a total you-are-there experience with the ID1’s. The excellent dispersion and imaging qualities of the ID1’s take the whole experience to even greater heights. And my subjective impressions are backed with a solid set of bench tests.

Induction Dynamics ID1 Floor Standing Speaker Review

I think the team at Induction Dynamics has a lot to be proud of with this particular product. It represents a remarkable accomplishment of acoustic engineering. The design and engineering give you the performance you want. The only negative I have has to do with their plain Jane styling. I would hope they can upgrade the finishes, maybe add some artistic qualities to break up the visuals, and magnetic grilles would be nice while you are at it.

In the end, though, these speakers are highly recommended for their superior music and movie performances.