Floor-standing Speakers

GoldenEar Triton Three Floor-Standing Speakers


Conclusions about the GoldenEar Triton Three Floor-Standing Speakers

The Triton Three didn't surprise me in the least, it is exactly what you'd expect from Sandy Gross; excellent bass extension, a smooth grain-free midrange and a detailed, silky top end in the ribbon tweeter. Having listened to so many speakers that do some things very well yet suffer in other areas, the Triton Three does it all exemplary.

Because I had these speakers at home so long, I needed to swap them out several times, but when I returned to listen to them, I was always struck by their consistent performance and how smooth they sounded. You may notice in my review I really don't point out any shortcomings, well frankly I just felt they are that good. The bonus is that taking into account the GoldenEar Triton Three is under $1,000 ($1,999 for the pair) it's hard not to enthusiastically recommend.