Floor-standing Speakers

GoldenEar Triton Three Floor-Standing Speakers


Setup of the GoldenEar Triton Three Floor-Standing Speakers

John Miller, GoldenEar's Eastern Regional Sales Manager came over to help me unpack and set the Triton Three in place. I think I made him crazy. Side antidote; check your amplifier volume levels on both channels before placing the speakers for imaging and balance.

Despite the typical placement where speakers have generally stood in my listening space, I let John do his thing. Interesting enough, very much like their demo rooms, John placed the speakers as far apart as possible with a significant toe-in. What this means is a concentrated focus closer to your ears than somewhere behind you. A concern would be sacrificing soundstage but I found no issue here. I very much liked this placement.

I can't stress the perfect ergonomics of the speaker; the overall height and placement of drivers and the height of the tweeter about 36", the footprint which tapers front to back in horizontal section. Subtle things impress me about the Triton Three, I'm not sure why for example that many speaker manufacturers place their speaker terminals too high from the floor, GoldenEar placed it as close to the floor as possible. Likewise for the power cord, it's placed almost on the floor. Volume control for the subwoofer is placed at the top of the back panel, so a quick reach around doesn't have you fumbling touching the other cables, well thought out!