Floor-standing Speakers

Earthquake Titan Telesto Floor-standing Speakers and Supernova MKVI 10" Subwoofer


On the Bench

As you can see from the following four graphs, taken 1 foot from the subwoofer, midrange drivers, mid-tweeter, and upper tweeter respectively, THD+N is low throughout, especially in the mid-upper frequency area (6 kHz).

Plotting THD+N vs. Frequency at 1 foot from the middle of the speaker, and setting 1 kHz to be at 100 dB, I obtained the following graph. Distortion stays generally in the 1% range.

The quasi-anechoic frequency response is shown below. The response is reasonably flat, and measuring at 300 off axis showed attenuation above 4 kHz. With Audyssey Room EQ and other powerful room RQ being more and more a standard feature in receivers, the native frequency response is becoming less of an issue.

Here are the Impedance - Phase measurements for the Telestos. They have an impedance low of 2 ohms and a high of 20 ohms. Phase is ± 600. This is a speaker that should probably not be used with mass market receivers, but rather, with amplifiers that can handle low impedance loads. The review unit was an early version, and Earthquake informed me that the production units max out at 10 ohms.

For the Supernova MKVI subwoofer, the room response with and without EQ is shown in the first graph, and THD+N vs. Frequency is shown in the second graph. You can see that even with three EQ bands, this is not enough to flatten the response at 2 meters. Many of the manufacturers are moving to software based EQ control in subwoofers, which provides a much larger number of EQ points.

Distortion is pretty reasonable down to about 35 Hz. Not quite the performance we saw with the 15" version of this subwoofer, but I didn't expect it to be.