Floor-standing Speakers

Earthquake Titan Telesto Floor-standing Speakers and Supernova MKVI 10" Subwoofer


In Use

I tested the Earthquake speakers and subwoofer with a Marantz SA-7S1 SACD player, BAT VK-5i preamplifier, and McIntosh MC-1201 power amplifiers. Cables were Legenburg.

The human voice is not more difficult to reproduce than any other sound, it is just that we are more likely to notice whether or not the voices sound natural. The Telestos defintely have a neutral tonality to them, and this comes across as sounding "natural", such as with this EMI disc from the boy's choir group Liberia, called New Dawn (5-099951-935405). The group sings primarily a cappella (without accompanying instruments), so if there were a problem with the speakers being slightly chesty, or too sibilant, it would show up here. It didn't show up. Since these are children, their voices are in the upper registers, and I think that spreading out the high frequency duties between the two tweeters helps in this regard.


Putting the Supernova MKVI in the circuit (the preamp has two sets of outputs) gave me the required subterranian punch that the cannons have in the Telarc version of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture (Telarc SACD-60541). So, while the MKVI was thundering away, the violins and brass were dealing out the triumphant climax to this musical masterpiece through the Telestos. The 8" woofer on the sides of the Telesto speakers is sufficicent for most bass, but not the cannons in this overture. Actually, all speakers benefit from a dedicated subwoofer, and I was really surprised at what the MKVi could do in such a relatively small enclosure.


Ah, those Russians loved their big music didn't they? Stravinsky's The Firebird is not something you will likely hear as background music in the supermarket. This is a piece for your home audio system to handle. This version (NAXOS 6.110081) didn't disappoint me, and neither did the Earthquake speakers and subwoofer. When you can get music to sound like this, it just makes one's hair stand on end.


Kind of Blue (Columbia) is the best selling jazz album of all time. It first arrived on LP decades ago, and has been re-issued on CD as well as SACD. I have all three versions. For the review, I used the SACD. At this point, I was so pleased witht the sound of the Telestos, I just sat back and listened for its musical entertainment value rather than trying to dissect the quality of the sound.


In sum, I have nothing to complain about with these speakers. They're expensive, but not outrageously so. I have speakers that will play louder, but they are also six feet tall and have four 12" woofers in each speaker. The Telestos are meant to deliver high quality, neutral sound, without an overpowering enclosure. They are full range speakers, but I always recommend a subwoofer as part of any audio system.