Floor-standing Speakers

Crystal Acoustics TX-T2 SE THX ULTRA2 Certified Floor-Standing Speakers


The Crystal Acoustics TX-T2 SE THX ULTRA2 Certified Speakers In Use

I matched the T2's with Crystal's THX-Center and THX-Dipole speakers, which are both THX Select certified. I used the bi-wire connections on the T2's, driving them with two channels of my Emotiva XPA-3 amplifier and using the preamp outs of an Integra DTR 50.3 receiver.

If I thought the larger T3's were just a little too large to integrate with the rest of the Crystal Acoustics speakers, then like Goldilocks and the Three Bears the T2's were just right. Marvel's The Avengers was a pleasant surprise, somehow melding the different themes of the superheroes into a cohesive and enjoyable film. The Blu-ray disc gave the Crystal's a real workout, the fast panning of the flying characters zooming around the room in the manner one expects with a THX speaker system. Dialogue across the front channels was more seamless than I experienced with the larger T3's, although some subtle timbre differences between the T2 and THX-Center speaker were still noticeable.

When I reviewed the T3's two years ago, Tom Petty's superb re-issue of Damn The Torpedoes had just come out on Blu-ray audio, so I thought it appropriate to check out the album again on the T2 speakers (not that I ever need an excuse to break out that disc). The T2's really shone on the high-quality recording, with quicker transient response than I remembered from prior Crystal Acoustics' models. The T2's had an almost studio monitor-like quality to them, apparent from the clear cymbal ringing and decay. The vocals sounded accurate, although imaging on the T2's, like any THX speaker, is generally reduced as a trade-off for the wider soundstage it provides. Overall, I was taken by the clarity of the T2's on the variety of music I played through them.