Floor-standing Speakers

Canton Reference 5.2 DC Floor-Standing Speakers



In the end it felt more like I was putting together a new system with the Canton's at the heart. I understand the need for a reviewer to be as exact in his routine, namely changing as little as possible including his listening chair, (I did that too), to be objective. But what I learned with the Canton 5.2 DC Reference speakers is that sometimes we lose ourselves in the process and not allow the music to speak for itself, to react, to listen, to enjoy.

Sure the Canton's did need more effort but I'll chalk that up to experience and will remember this review more as a journey than an auditioning. I was happy to have the Canton's push me to re-evaluate my system and just as I was happy to settle into a nightly listening with the 5.2's, I had extended my time with these gems and I was grateful.

Frank Gobl (Canton's chief designer) has once again hit the mark with the Vento inspired Reference 5.2 DC's. And as I flip through the Canton brochure I picked up at CEDIA 2009, my eyes were fixated on the new 1.2 DC Reference, the really big boys! Bring them on, this time I'm ready for them.