Floor-standing Speakers

BG Corp Z-92 Planar-Ribbon Speakers and 210i Subwoofer



The Z-92s were a pleasant surprise; there are few speakers in this price range that will truly challenge the z-92s. The 210i subwoofer's performance was unexpected. I have listened to many subwoofers in this price range and this is definitely one of the better ones. I liked it so much that I have made arrangements with BG Corp to purchase the review sample.

This speaker needs to be auditioned in an environment where they are properly placed and if used with the 210i subwoofer care must be taken to balance the output of the subwoofer with the Z-92s. This should be easy to do for most customers that are purchasing a speaker in this price range as they probably have a receiver or pre/pro that has the Audyssey room/speaker equalization processor or similar EQ processor. I have found that this type of EQ is put to best use with a quality speaker and makes the subtle differences that transform a really good speaker system like the Z-92s/210i into a great sounding system.

In closing the manufacturer includes a lifetime warranty on parts and labor for the Z-92s. I can't name another speaker manufacturer that has that level of warranty. If your budget allows you to look at speakers in this price range, then the Z-92s/210i system should be on your audition list.