Floor-standing Speakers

BG Corp Z-92 Planar-Ribbon Speakers and 210i Subwoofer



I first set up the Z-92s to be utilized as a stand alone pair without the assistance of the 210i subwoofer to determine their usefulness without the added expense of the 210i. I first angled the speakers toward my center listening position and the combination of the directed mids and highs plus the fact that the speakers had not been broken in made the speakers sound a little forward. I proceeded to reposition the speakers to fire directly forward and therefore slightly off axis to my listening position. This repositioning solved most of the harshness and after a break-in period that was over 50 hours any issues with harshness were completely resolved. These speakers need to be properly broken in and positioned correctly to achieve their optimum performance. Once I had spent the time to do this the speakers began to show their true capabilities. It is therefore very important that you audition these speakers at a dealer that is willing to work with you in positioning the speakers correctly for your listening environment.