Floor-standing Speakers

BG Corp Z-92 Planar-Ribbon Speakers and 210i Subwoofer



The BG Corp Z-92s are floor standing speakers just under 4 feet tall with the included spikes. The speakers are a 3-way design with anodized black aluminum 6.5" low mass woofers in their own separate enclosure. BG Corp claims that these woofers have redesigned voice coils and motors to reduce the mass from the previous design and allow the speed of the new woofers to more closely match the speed of the planar-ribbon midrange and planar-ribbon tweeter.

The planar-ribbon drivers are very thin and light weight diaphragms that are printed with an aluminum conductor overlay and these diaphragms are suspended between two very powerful magnetic assemblies in the front and rear of the suspended printed diaphragms. Therefore, the midrange and tweeter drivers are push-pull devices and completely under the control of the amp at all times. The planar-ribbon tweeter is mounted directly in front of the planar-ribbon midrange.

I assume this configuration is to maintain proper phase coherence and as close to a point source as possible.

Z-92 without grill

Close-up of midrange and tweeter planar-ribbon drivers

The two 6.5" aluminum bass drivers are in their own ported enclosure and cross over to the planar-ribbon midrange at 500Hz and the planar-ribbon midrange crosses at 2.3 kHz to the planar-ribbon tweeter.

The Z-92s are available in a real wood finish of either maple or black ash. They are furnished with rubber feet or metal spikes. I only used the metal spikes on my carpeted media room floor and all listening was done with the spikes in place. They also can be bi-wired by removing the gold-plated jumpers on the back of the speakers.

The 210i subwoofer consists of two 10" Kevlar drivers (equivalent to a single 15" driver in surface area) in a sealed enclosure that is a cross between a cube and a cylinder with a 500 watt rms power amplifier to drive the woofers.

The woofers are configured so that their in and out motion is reactively canceled and the cabinet has little to no vibration of its own because of this configuration. I don't know of any other subwoofer that looks like this, the cylindrical shape is not only functional but a refreshing departure from so many other subwoofers in the market place. Although this subwoofer is relatively small in footprint it still weighs 62 pounds and because of its unusual shape you need to get a good grip on it if you are going to move it.

The 210i back panel has the normal subwoofer controls; Variable crossover, gain, phase and auto on/off switch. Input and output connections and a detachable power cord.

The 210i is finished in a black flat paint (I would call this a matte finish) that is actually quite attractive.

BG Corp 210i with exposed Kevlar woofer

BG Corp 210i subwoofer back panel.