Telluride Film Festival 2008


The Telluride Film Festivals

Interest in the Telluride Film Festival  (Aug 29 – Sep 1) was at an all time high for 2008 as the rather expensive Festival Passes ($680) sold out early in the summer and even the ultra expensive Patron Passes ($Don't Ask) were sold out before the festival started.  As usual the film line-up would not be revealed until the first day. What we did know was that Slavoj Zizek was to be the guest director, meaning the historical films were likely to be foreign, and interesting. And we knew that Laurie Anderson had created the poster, meaning that we might spot Lou Reed wondering in the hills around Telluride. I'm not sure nature was ready for that. I was ready to have him sign my records except for the fact that I'd have to carry them around. My movie reviews are posted in my report of the will be interesting to see if my picks for 2008 are as popular in the theater as last year's picks!

About Rick Schmidt....Rick has been on the Secrets Team for over 5 years and among his many accomplishments, he is quite involved in the Indie Film can see his 2-Part Series on making a recent Generosity Film here:

Rick and his team attended the Telluride Film Festival in 2007 and we have recapped some of that report here, along with his insider's view of Telluride 2008.  Photos are courtesy of Ray Keller. Movie art courtesy of Brown Design.