A Home Theater Build Project - Part I


Introduction to the Home Theater Build Project

We all have a spare room. Well, many of us do. And those of us bitten by the A/V bug often dream about what we would do with that room. I have such a room, and six years ago embarked on a wild odyssey to build a dedicated A/V room from scratch. How could someone with limited construction skills, moderate budget, and even more limited tool selection, go about making a clean, professional looking dedicated home theater?

Over the next few weeks I’m going to walk readers through the process that I went through to construct my dedicated home theater. We’ll start with a somewhat historical perspective, looking back at the room evaluations, initial construction concerns, and finally the equipment that went into the room to start. I’ll then talk about upgrade considerations and about how the various parts of the system have changed since this original configuration. We’ll close the piece by talking about the various upgrades that anyone with a basic system can start to address once the equipment begins to stabilize.

Our goal with this article is to try and take some of the mystery and intimidation out of constructing a dedicated A/V room from a DIY perspective. We’d also like to give some insight into the thought process behind various upgrades and how someone goes about constructing a true high-end system, part by part, within the constraints of space, budget and time.