Cinepro and Custom Home Theater



A couple of hours is truly not enough time to enjoy a room such as this, but the sun was setting and it was a Friday and the trip north was still ahead of me. The owners where away and I imagined how much they’d be spending time with their family and friends in such a space and I envied them.

I really like the room architecturally as it isn’t purely a dedicated theater room, yet is a far cry from an integrated family room with a kitchen to one side and a big view of the yard out the other side. It has a great bar area to get a drink or snack while watching, and an area to stretch your legs. In fact I think I’ll head over to the bar now.

Cinepro and Custom Home Theater

I didn’t let the good-looks of the room fool me though as this room was built for full-throttle audio and video performance! I’d expect nothing less from a theater designer who installs Cinepro gear.
Bob’s effort along with Gus and Michael’s superb equipment delivered a unique, “this is what it’s all about” kind of experience.