Cinepro and Custom Home Theater



Completely out of view hidden in column enclosures is the speaker package from Cinepro - their Evolution 2 system. Across the front in left-center-right are Cinepro’s Evolution -2 LCR speakers. Each LCR includes four 6” drivers. There are two mid-range drivers, one on each side of a 1” tweeter and two 6” woofers, one on each side of the mids. An entire 3k6 Mk5 6-channel amplifier is dedicated to bi-amping the front L/C/R’s while the other 6-channel amplifier for the Evolution-2 surrounds and subwoofers.

A pair of Evolution-2 “Iso-Barik” subwoofers hidden out of view in the stage includes dual 15” drivers and should dip to 15 Hz at -3db.