Frugel-Horn Mk3 - DIY Flat-pack Speaker Kit


Conclusions About the Frugel-Horn Mk3 - DIY Flat-pack Speaker Kit

This build was not only fun, easy and satisfying, but I learned a lot. I learned you should not judge a speakers performance on size alone, and one's ineptitude with tools should not prevent you from building a decent speaker system. I admit I was skeptical of both the modeled bass response of the Frugel-Horn Mk3 and the possible high-frequency extension of the Alpair 7eN. How could a 4 inch driver possibly reach 40 Hz? And if so how could it achieve that without sacrificing the high-end? After two songs all skepticism washed away. I am still in awe of what these speakers can do. What started out as a pair of speakers destined for surround duty ended up as quite possibly my new front speakers.

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