DIY Calibration Software - Update: CalMAN 4.1



CalMAN 4 represents a complete, from-the-ground-up, redesign of the entire software package. Everything about the interface looks different than the previous iteration. What we see now on start-up is a sleek, new interface that preserves some of the feel of 3.1, but is entirely different in both its appearance and use. As we talked about in our Bootcamp review, besides a complete redesign of the look of CalMAN, the software also features interactive controls. This allows the software to not only control the calibration features of external equipment, such as video processors and some TV’s, but also allows communication between a meter, the software and the calibration source to automatically calibrate displays. The first pieces of equipment to feature these interactive controls were video processors but with the release of 4.1, CalMAN can now interact directly with some displays for interactive calibration. Because SpectraCal was eager to have me try the Interactive Calibration feature with my own equipment, they provided me a DVDO iScan Duo Video Processor in addition to the software package for review.

I want to stress before I get started with this review, that my review here is purely from an enthusiast point of view. I think one of the main things that is apparent about CalMAN 4.1 is its incredible power and flexibility. If there is a piece of data that you want to see or a specific way in which you want to see it, the software is likely capable of giving that to you. Many professional calibrators welcome these features as there are many approaches to calibrating a display. However, the focus of our original article was to look calibration packages from an “at-home”, DIY perspective, and we will look at CalMAN 4.1 in the same regard.