DIY Calibration Software - Update: CalMAN 4.1



Since our DIY Calibration software round-up was originally published in May, the CalMAN software has undergone a major upgrade. When we met the SpectraCal folks at CEDIA in September, they were eager to have us try this new software package. I already had some hands on time with CalMAN 4 at the Calibration Bootcamp that I attended earlier this year CalMAN Calibration Bootcamp: A Crash Course in the Science of Calibration, but I hadn’t had enough time to really explore the software on my own system and without the guidance of the SpectraCal training team. As soon as the newest version of CalMAN was released (4.1), SpectraCal asked if we’d be interested in a doing a full review of the package for an update to our earlier review: Absolutely!